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Roof Shingles


Warehouse Hours: 7:00am - 3:30pm Mon - Fri


Since 1981, Alan Kunsman Roofing & Siding Supplies has been providing superior customer service and product selection to contractors and homeowners in the Lehigh Valley. Let our knowledgeable sales staff help you find the supplies you need and get your project done today.

Seamless K-Style Gutters, Half-Round Gutters, Downspouts & Accessories

One of the first supply houses in the Lehigh Valley to offer job site delivery of seamless k-style gutter, Alan Kunsman Roofing & Siding Supplies has continued to lead the supply industry by offering job site delivery of both 5” and 6” k-style gutter since 2000.

With over 15 colors of stock k-gutter and downspout to choose from, the ability to deliver materials to your next job site is only a phone call away. To assist you in making your next home improvement project easier, we also stock a full assortment of copper, aluminum, downspout and accessory items needed to successfully complete your next gutter job. Our selection of classic gutter colors include Lo Gloss White, Hi Gloss White, Brown, Cream, Musket Brown, Wicker, Eggshell, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Ivory, Clay, Bronze, Black, Red, Dark Green & Linen.

Roofing Supplies

As the only supply house in the Lehigh Valley to cut EPDM, we also carry all of the flat roof materials and accessories needed to complete your next flat roofing project. Any size order, from a half pound of roof nails to a truck load of insulation, all of the roofing materials you need are only a phone call away (484-821-1609). Our fully stocked warehouse has flat roof materials and steep roofing products, readily available at competitive prices. We can assist you in loading your truck.

A summarized list of professional grade products available to you:


 Vinyl Triple 4" White: Solid, Vented, 3/8" J Channel, 1/2" J Channel, Triple 2" Beaded, Solid Soffit.

Aluminum Soffit

 Double 6 White Aluminum: Solid, Vented, 1/2" J Channel, 3/4" J Channel.


Garage Door Weather Stripping

 Available in White Only

 16' or 9' lengths

Trim Coil

 12"x50': Available in White, Brown, Clay, Wicker, Black, Green, Ivory, Eggshell, Light Gray, Dark Gray     & Bronze.

 1 1/4" S.S Painted Trim Nails


 GAF Architectural Shingles

 GAF 3-Tab Royal Sovereign Shingles

 4" Coil Gun Nails

 #15 Felt Paper

 Drip Edge

 1-1/4 Coil Gun Nails

 GAF Shinglemate Felt Paper

 GAF Tiger Paw Synthetic Felt

 5/16" and 3/8" Staples

 Vent Pipe Collars 1-3", 3-4" in Black, Brown, Gray

 GAF Snow Country Ridge Vent

 Aluminum Counter Flashing 3"x3"x8"

 Hand Nails by the pound: 1", 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/2", 3"

 Penny Nails by the pound: 6p, 8p, 10p, 12p, 16p

 Roof Cement

 GAF Liberty Roll Roofing: Black, White, Base







 1"x12"x10' rough cut




 1"x3"x12" firring strips

 3/4" Plywood

 1/2" Plywood


 Geocell 2300: Clear, White, Brown

 Geocell 3300: Limestone, White, Black, Brown

 Geocell RP400 Roof Cement

 Geocell 2315 Brushable: Clear Qt, Gal

 Quad Max: White, Black, Clear, Clay, Wicker, Eggshell, Brown, Ivory, Bronze

 OSI 270 Silicon White, Clear

 OSI SRB100 Caulk White


 .060 Carlisle Rubber available in 10' wide or 20' wide by whatever length.


 Cav Grip

 Bonding Adhesive

 Low Voc Primer

 Splicing Cement

 6" Cured Cover Strip

 12" Cured Cover Strip

 6" Overlayment

 12" Elastoform

 9" Elastoform

 8", 6", 4" Pitch Pocket

 Pourable Sealer

 Lap Sealant

 Water Cut Off Mastic

 Weather Membrane Cleaner

 1/8" x 10' Termination Bar

 1/2", 4x4' Secure Shield Insulation

 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", ISO 4x8

 3" Splice Tape

 6" Splice Tape


 12x24, 11x22, 10x20, 9x18

 Slate Slips

 S.S. Slate Hooks

 Copper Hand Nails by the Pound


Open to the General Public

Open 5 days a week, Monday through Friday 7:00am - 3:30pm and conveniently located between Bethlehem and Easton, our fully stocked warehouse is available to the DIY roofer. You no longer have to endure searching for materials or hoping for real help at a big box store. Let our reliable, experienced, knowledgeable sales staff help you get what you need and take the pain and confusion out of your next home improvement project.

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