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Our precision sheet metal fabrication shop was the first in the area to introduce computed numerically controlled (CNC) break technology in the fabrication of all roof and architectural sheet metal trims. This allows us to provide precision sheet metal fabrication of intricate trims and moldings at a significant cost savings to you. With many years of experience, our in house fabricators can assist you in determining what metal and paint finish is most appropriate for your project or application. And with over 20,000 sq. ft. of metal in stock, we offer fast turn-around times. Contact us at 484-821-1611 for more information.

Architectural Sheet Metal & Trims

Since 1995, we have been providing precision sheet metal fabrication of architectural and structural trims for the roofing and siding industry, as well as exterior and interior finish applications. Our expert CNC operators can fabricate simple and complex shapes efficiently, cost effectively, and to your specifications. We currently stock many gauges, colors, and types of metal for a wide variety of applications.

High Tech Shop & Equipment

Our Roper-Whitney Autobrake 2000 allows us to bend practically any angle or radius imaginable to create wood-like historical replications. With a maximum capacity of 16 gauge steel, your architectural and structural sheet metal and steel stud work options are unlimited.

Fabrication Done to Client Specifications

Bring us your specifications or project requirements and let the professionals at Alan Kunsman Sheet Metal complete your project in a timely and cost effective fashion.

In-House Specification Development Services Available

We understand you may know the profiles you are trying to fabricate, but may require professional guidance in determining which metal is best suited for your application. Let us evaluate your project and assist you in developing the appropriate specifications.

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