Vinyl Siding Repair

Because it is both economical and available in a vast array of styles and colors, vinyl siding is the most popular exterior finish used in construction today. However, if your existing siding is worn, faded, cracked, or if you are experiencing leaking, vinyl siding repair or replacement may be necessary. Installation of new vinyl siding is often an opportunity to add insulation and improve your home's energy efficiency. Our experienced estimators can assess the condition of your siding, explain your options fully, and provide a free written vinyl siding repair or replacement estimate. Contact us today.

Cement Board Siding

Cement board siding has recently been introduced as an excellent replacement for wood and older aluminum siding. Its resistances to rot, decay, and fire, as well its extreme durability, makes it a superior substitute for wood and aluminum. It is available in several standard pre-painted colors, which carry a manufacturer's 15 year warranty, or with a base primer which can be painted any color. Cement board siding is also available in brick, stone, shake, and a variety of other patterns. We are factory trained and certified and are excited to offer this innovative new product. To find out more about this new siding option, contact us today.

Soffit & Fascia Work

Is the appearance of flaking paint and dirty overhangs marring the beauty of your home or business? Is the idea of never having to paint these areas again appealing? The installation of aluminum trim and vinyl soffit panels can create a maintenance free and aesthetically pleasing enclosure of all of your eaves, gable ends, porches, and overhangs. Our computerized break system gives us the ability to economically recreate and replace your exterior trims. Never paint again! For a no obligation evaluation and estimate, contact us today.

Metal Siding

Although more commonly used for commercial applications, metal siding has been introduced in residential post-modern-architecture. It is available in many colors, numerous profiles, and is extremely durable and recyclable. Metal siding can also be used to repair or replace older aluminum siding, which can be difficult to match. Contact us today.

Wood Siding & Wood Trim

The charming, rustic look of wood siding has often been imitated, but never duplicated. Typically, if your wood siding or trim work is showing signs of age or deterioration, it's the result of water infiltration, due to a roof or gutter related problem. Alan Kunsman Roofing can resolve both your roofing and siding issues. For a no obligation evaluation and estimate, contact us today.


Your gutters and downspouts play an essential role in directing water away from your home or business. If they are not working properly, the result can be water infiltration in your basement, windows, and exterior facade. The most common problems are caused by improper maintenance and blockage. Without eliminating these problems, the costs associated with water and mold damage could be catastrophic.

Fortunately, these issues can be addressed, and even prevented by annual or biannual cleaning and maintenance, which we can provide. 

If your current gutter system is in need of replacement, we are proud to offer seamless 5 inch and 6 inch k-style gutters in a multitude of gauges and colors. We also offer half-round, copper, aluminum, and galvanized gutters and downspouts. For a no obligation evaluation and estimate, contact us today.